Gestalt Therapy 


I am trained in contemporary Gestalt therapy, a holistic and creative way of exploring different aspects of our current existence and potential. In Gestalt, we recognise and value all realms of human experience, working emotionally, cognitively, spiritually, and with embodied awareness. By attending to what is happening in the therapeutic encounter, we build a felt sense of what is vital in the here-and-now, and may have resonance for other relationships.

I offer a compassionate and respectful therapeutic relationship, in which we work collaboratively to explore how your life and relationships are shaped by past experiences and patterns. Through expanding awareness of how we think, feel and act in the world, we begin to challenge our fixed patterns and habits, opening the door to new possibilities for growth and change. Gestalt offers a flexible approach which can take the form that best enables you to develop, incorporating levels of support and challenge appropriate to your point in the journey.

This creative and experimental approach broadens our horizons of how we relate to ourselves and others, enabling the exploration of new avenues for choice and change.